Lower back pain is a common ailment. You probably hear about the importance of lumbar support often, but what is the lumbar spine? The lumbar section of your back is your entire lower back area. Your lumbar spine ends at the very bottom of the thoracic area. The rest of your lower back contains important spinal nerves and blood vessels.

Your lumbar spine endures a tremendous amount of stress from the rest of your body. It is responsible for supporting and stabilizing your entire body. It anchors the rest of your spine. This can be the cause of chronic lumbar pain.

Some of the symptoms of lumbar problems include:

  • Lower backache
  • Lower back strain
  • Radiating pain into the leg
  • Muscle tightness in lower back and hips
  • Soreness after sitting or standing

If you experience some of these symptoms, you may have an underlying lumbar spinal condition.


Dr. Lin specializes in the anterior approach to lumbar surgery. He enters the lumbar spine through the front of your body. This reduces the risk of infection, as the front of the body has better circulation. It also reduces the amount of muscle he has to cut through, so the recovery is less painful.

Dr. Lin in Orange County performs a multitude of lumbar spinal surgeries to give patients long-term pain relief. Dr. Lin is passionate about providing lasting solutions to your lumbar (lower back) pain.

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