Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

Dr. Lin performs total replacements on hips and knees in Tustin, Fountain Valley and Anaheim. This surgery is often needed as bone and cartilage wear away during the aging process. This causes your bones to rub together and cause you extreme pain and inflammation. Dr. Lin will replace your hip or knee with an artificial joint.

Dr. Lin will remove the damaged joint(s) in your knee or hip. Usually, these joints are severely damaged. Then, he replaces them with metal structures that function as new joints.

Sometimes, these artificial joints are cemented into the surrounding bones. In other cases, they are placed with metal fixtures. It depends on the joints you are getting replaced and the range of motion you need.

Total Hip Replacement

Your hip functions like a ball and socket joint. This allows you to move with more flexibility through your legs and torso. The ball joint can degrade over time, causing friction and pain when moving your hip. During total hip replacement surgery, Dr. Lin removes the entire joint surface from both the ball and socket.

After the ball joint is removed, Dr. Lin replaces it with a metal ball fixture. This artificial ball joint attaches to your thigh bone to allow movement. The socket is then removed and replaced with a metal socket. A plastic barrier allows the metal ball and socket to work together without friction.

Once you recover after about four to six months, you will have full use of your hip again. Physical therapy will help you learn to move the new joint again.

Total Knee Replacement

During total knee replacement surgery, Dr. Lin removes the diseased knee joint and portions of bones surrounding your knee. He replaces the knee joint with a metal implant. All of the ligaments, tendons, and nerves are kept in the same place.

The recovery time for a total knee replacement ranges from four months to a year. After about six weeks, you should be able to return to gentle daily activities.

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