Sciatica is a painful condition affecting the nerve that runs from your buttocks down your leg. Sciatica pain originates from a variety of causes. It is described as a “radiating pain” that goes from your lower back into your lower leg. Sciatica usually only impacts one side of your body but can also be bilateral.

Some of the causes of sciatica include:
  • Herniated discs
  • Compressed spinal nerves
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Bone spurs on the spine

These spinal conditions can lead to sciatica pain. Most cases of sciatica fade away on their own. Some cases require surgery. Dr. Lin in Tustin, Fountain Valley and Anaheim has the experience and expertise to properly diagnose the cause of your sciatica pain and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Some of the symptoms you may experience with sciatica include:
  • Radiating lower back and leg pain
  • Numbness in your leg
  • Weakness in your back and legs
  • Reduced bowel and bladder control
  • Pain during daily movement

If you experience any of these sciatica symptoms, you may have this condition. There are lots of non-surgical options to treat sciatica. The majority of sciatica patients do not need surgery.

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