Spine Surgeries


Complex Spine Surgeries

Some spinal procedures are far more complex than others. When treating a common condition, most procedures are fairly simple. On the other hand, several factors can make spinal surgery more complicated. The good news is that Dr. Lin has extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through a smooth path to recovery.


Tumors on or near your spinal cord require very delicate surgery. It is easy for spinal tumors to become entangled with important nerves and blood vessels. When removing tumors, Dr. Lin is very precise.

There are several kinds of spinal tumors. Dr. Lin will explain the details of your tumor(s) so you know what to expect during surgery. Spinal tumors can cause painful, debilitating symptoms in your daily life.

Some warning signs of spinal tumors include:

  • Radiating back pain

  • Loss of sensitivity to heat and/or cold

  • Loss of control over your bowels and bladder

  • Loss of sensation in your extremities

  • Muscle pain and/or weakness

These symptoms are very similar to other spinal conditions. It is important to see Dr. Lin and be properly diagnosed. It is nearly impossible to determine whether you have a spinal tumor without a physician’s diagnosis.


You can develop spinal infections from previous surgery. Spinal infections can be life-threatening and progress very quickly. It is important to see Dr. Lin as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

During surgery and recovery, your body is very vulnerable to infections. Even if your surgeon takes all of the proper precautions, your spine can still become infected. Some infections spread from other parts of the body into the spinal canal. This is an especially common risk in immunodeficient patients.

Many patients who need a simple spine fusion prefer this method. It causes less pain and has less recovery time. Dr. Lin prefers minimally invasive procedures. His goal is to fix the structures of your spine without causing any muscle damage. The minimally invasive spinal fusion procedure accomplishes this while providing lasting lumbar pain relief.

Some spinal infections can be cured through non-surgical methods, like antibiotics. More extreme infections require irrigation and debridement and some may require fusion.

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