Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

Revision Spine Surgery

Revision of Failed Fusions

Post-Laminectomy Syndrome refers to a condition in which you still feel pain after undergoing laminectomy, fusion, or other type of spine surgery. There are many reasons you may need a spinal revision surgery after a failed fusion or other surgery which did not relieve your pain. Some spinal fusions do not succeed in completely fusing the bones together or a new condition may have developed. This can cause complications and compromise your spine health.

If your spinal fusion surgery did not improve your symptoms, you may need a revision. Dr. Lin will review your case and figure out what is going wrong. If you still experience pain, loss of mobility, or any other symptom of your spinal condition, then a revision surgery may bring you relief.

Dr. Lin may find a new condition that is causing your pain. In this case, he will treat the new condition appropriately. Depending on the condition you are suffering from, you may need another surgery.

Some patients experience another disc herniation, which would require spinal revision surgery. Dr. Lin will perform a revision discectomy and possibly a fusion to correct this issue. This is also true if your previous spinal procedure removed too much bone, which can cause your spine to become unstable and painful. Dr. Lin can correct this by adding a bone graft supplemented by screws and rods to stabilize your spine and facilitate successful fusion.

Some spine surgeries cause neurological symptoms. This can be a serious risk to your nervous system and should be addressed immediately. You may have a pinched nerve, spinal compression, or nervous system dysfunction as a result of your previous surgery. When physical therapy, medication, and any other non-surgical treatment is ineffective, surgery is the last resort.

There are many different reasons why patients may need a revision spine surgery. Dr. Lin will thoroughly review your medical history to make sure revision surgery is what’s best for you in the case of post-laminectomy syndrome or some other condition.

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